Alcohol side effects on Our Life

alcohol side effects

Well, We are celebrating Festival. Generally most of the people celebrate their festival with taking alcohol and Non-Veg. But before that we have to learn the alcohol side effects on our life. Teenagers adopts alcohol habits from their elders and neighbors from these celebrations. Usually at the time of the festivals, in a happy mood, elders also encourage the teenagers. This is the first step of the fall.

First they taste the beer, the light alcohol, then they want to taste Hard drink, that is whisky, scotch, vodka, etc. Now the tasting turns into habit. Then Habit turns into addiction. Mean while you loose every thing, including relations, success, What not.. even our life.

Short term side effects of alcohol intake

  • We starts with One peg or One beer. that goes on beyond our control. Now we see how the side effects starts.
  • First of all our behavior turns into craziness. We take every issue in a lighter way. While our intake grows, Speech turns into slurred(maata tooladam).
  • Our speech goes beyond our control. This may harm our relations. We wants to call our closest friends due to alcohol effect. We do not think their condition and we loose words.
  • later we get drowsiness, unconsciousness. These are the second round side effects of alcohol intake.
  • Vomiting, stomach upset, Diarrhea, Head ache, Breathing Problem are the third round side effects.
  • We never remember what we spoken in the alcohol effect. This is one kind of memory loss.
  • If we keep taking alcohol, there are many chances are there to get into coma.

Long term Side effects of alcohol

  • Liver disease
  • Nerves damage
  • Kidney failure
  • Brain damage
  • High blood pressure, Heart related problems
  • Sexual problems
  • Ulcers, Gastric problesms
  • Mouth cancer, Throat Cancer
  • Loss of family relations.
  • Loss of wealth for drinks
  • Loss of wealth for medicines and tratment
  • Loss of time for tratment
  • loss of reputation at work place

Final words: Alcohol is a temporary happiness, which is a way to fall of your life. we hope you never touch it or even smell it. share alcohol side effects on Our Life to your friends also.