How to earn Money Online?

writing jobs

Are you getting tired in search of Part time or full time work?

Want to earn some pocket money? looking for online jobs?

Want to get additional income with your existence skills? looking for writing jobs? or proof reading, data entry, etc.?

You can start earnings after reading this article. We know you wrote many exams and came to this stage. Of course. Some time you wrote answers out of the box. Means out of your text books. So obviously you are a writer. But you did not recognize that skill.

So what you have to do? Just you have to answer a question. Which question is that? for example: your friends or relatives may ask you that what are the best tips to face interview? best schools in the city? Where we get services for domestic needs? If you can answer this by written form, If you can share this answer to some one, it would be a great article. But try for just some thing Different.

Now you may ask a question that Who will pay for our articles? The answer is there are many websites require your services.

Check these websites..

May be you are already aware of these freelancing websites like,,

Here you get a lot of freelance work. Just you have to register in these sites. You have to provide your pan number etc to receive your payments.

You may take up other works also like data entry work, proof reading, translation, web designing, movie reviews, product reviews etc.

You can try in your mother tongue also. For example, in telugu, you may get writing jobs at popular websites. They pay around Rs 500 per an article. They want you to write about politics or cinemas or any other interesting news.

Final words: there is no free lunch in this world. Keep pushing your self. first try to take the assignments then you will get expertise in those work. Don’t hesitate. Don’t be lazy. Show your caliber. Quality work may richer you soon. All the best folks.