Questions on Telangana in Tspsc exam

tspsc questions
tspsc questions

Which questions would be come in TSPSC exmas over telangana history and moment, state formation? This is the main question of aspirants of tspsc posts.

Here we are providing those questions and answers(it is based on primary key) of AEE posts(first tspsc exam after formation of telangana).


These questions came in AEE post exam in General studies

1.What was the verdict of the Supreme Court that engulfed the Telangana Movement in 2009?

  • Declaration of Hyderabad as free zone for police recruitment

2. “Gouda or Goundla” community in Telangana is associated with which traditional activity?

  • Toddy tapping

3. The Scheme meant for Restoration of Irrigation tanks is called

  • Mission kakatiya

4. Rangam –  a future telling ceremony is associated with

  • Secundrabad Bonalu

5. Chenchu Tribe mostly inhabits in the district of

  • Mahabubnagar

6. The producer of the movie “Vimukti Kosam” is

  • Naradasu Laxmana Rao

7. Sarf-e-khas means

  • Crown Lands

8. Kurumoorthy Jathara is famous in the district of

  • Mahaboobnagar

9. The study of the social, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging is called

  • Gerontology

10. The Founder Editor of Golakonda Pathrika

  • Suravaram Prathapa Reddy

11. Who among the following has provided his personal residence to TRS office when the party was formed in 2001

  • Konda Lakshman Bapuji

12. Telangana traditional food Gatuka is made with

  • Maize

13. Adani is

  • Indian mining company

14. Telangana state flower is

  • Thangedu

15. Education in India, is in

  • Concurrent list

16. The 12 Five year plan is prepared by

  • Planning Commission of India

17. Shooting star is a

  • Meteoriod which catches fire as it enters the earth’s atmosphere

18. In which place Iron ore deposits are found recently in Talangana?

  • Bayyaram

19. Who was the author of “Gulamgiri”

  • Jyotiba Phule

20. Pranahita river flows in the district of

  • Adilabad

21. When was the ‘Haritaharam’ launched

  • July 3, 2015

22. Food Security Act, 2013 converts existing food programmes into

  • Legal entitlements for economically marginalized sections

23. Kadem reservoir is situated in the district of

  • Adilabad

24. The present Deputy Chairman of Rajya sabha is

  • P. J. Kurian

25. The book “Indomitable Spirit’ is written by

  • APJ Abdul Kalam

26. The leader who participated in the Champaran Satyagraha

  • Rajendra Prasad

27. Railway is a sub sector of

  • Tertiary Sector

28. The woman’s doubles Wimbledon- 2015 was won by

  • Sania Miraza and Hingis

29. Ali Sagar lift irrigation project is in the district of

  • Nizamabad

30. The author of the book “India Today” was

  • P. Dutt

31. GST refers to

  • Goods and Services Tax

32. Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides for the welfare of the disabled persons

  • 41

33. Choose the correct response: Do you brush your teeth after every meal?

  • Yes, I do

34. India’s first Super computer is

  • Param

35. Identify the incorrect statement with reference to RTI Act

  • Elicit information from the people

36. The ‘Accessible India’ campaign is associated with

  • Persons with Disabilities

37. Choose the best synonym for the following : Weird

  • strange

38. What is the name of NASA’s most famous Space Telescope

  • Hubble

39. Choose the correct word from the following:  This flower is _ than that one.

  • More beautiful

40. The sunshine vitamin is

  • Vitamin-D

41. VST refers to

  • Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company

42. Satellite data processing is carried out in India at

  • NRSC

43. The historic accord reached by the United States presently for resuming diplomatic ties with

  • Cuba

44. The Smallest district by size in India is

  • Mahe

45. The programme launched by the Telangana Government to help Dalit Entrepreneurs is called


46. The right to property under the Indian Constitution is

  • A legal right

47. The native village of Former Indian Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao is

  • Vangara

48. The writer of famous song ‘’podusthunna poddu meeda nadusthunna kaalama’’

  • Gaddar

49. Which of the following chemical led to Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984

  • Methyl Isocyanate

50. A judge of the Supreme Court may be removed on the ground of

  • Proved misbehavior or in-capacity

51. The poems praising the Russian Revolution of 1917 were written by

  • Subramanya Bharati

52. Who among the following was not associated with the Kakori Conspiracy case?

  • Surya Sen

53. The Govt. of India declared one of the following as Marine park to conserve coral reefs

  • Lakshadweep

54. The Speaker of Assembly submits his resignation to

  • Deputy Speaker

55. Which word is used for pens, papers, envelopes etc?

  • Stationery

56. Which is the longest bone in the human body?

  • Femur

57. Siwalik Mountains are also known as

  • Outer Himalayas

58. Who was the first President of the Nizam Rashtra jana Sangham?

  • K.V.Ranga Reddy

59. Minimum Support price (MSP) for food crops is fixed by

  • Commission for Agricukture costs and prices

60. Who headed the Law Commission appointed by Lord William Bentinck?

  • Lord Macaulay

61. This flower prominently used in Bathukamma

  • Gunugu

62. Who hoisted the Congress Flag on the residency Building in Hyderabad

  • Padmaja Naidu

63. The Concept of SAARC Satelite was proposed by

  • India

64. The Laknavaram Lake is located in the district of

  • Warangal

65. Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are standing in a straight line facing North not necessarily in the same order. B is standing second to the right of D. A is standing fourth to the left of F and F is not standing on the extreme end of the line. C is standing second to the right of B. Who is standing second to the right of A?

  • E

66. The boundary of a state in india can be altered through the procedure as laid down in

  • Article 3

67. What kind of natural hazards are not normally insurable?

  • Land slides

68. Icchampally is located in district of

  • Karimnagar

69. Cystits is the infection which of the following

  • Urinary bladder

70. Fill in the blank with the correct word: How many—-study English as second Language

  • People

71. The author of the first novel form Telangana, entitled “Prajala Manishi”?

  • Vattikota Alwar Swamy

72. Kaloji Narayana Rao’s Centenary year is

  • 2014

73. The instrument that measure Arterial Pressure is known as

  • Sphygmomano meter

74. In the western side, Telangana State shares the border with

  • 2 states

75. The sarada Act was passed in the year

  • 1929

76. Which district in telangana has lowest density of population

  • Adilabad

78. Nagarjun Sagar Left canal is called

  • Lal bahadur canal

79. Pro-kabaddi league was formed in

  • 2014

80. Vetti is

  • Bonded labour

81. Which word denotes the place of living?

  • Accommodation

82. Rainfall intensity in Ganga plain decreases from

  • West to East

83. During Telangana movement, JAC organized ‘Sagara Haram’ at

  • Hussain sagar

84. Choose correct word of the misspelled word

  • Euipment, 2. Equipiment, 3. Equipment, 4. Equepment: ans is 3

85. Use the correct punctuation in the following sentence: oh god—— I;ve lost my valet

  • !

86. The law relating to sexual harassment was laid down in

  • Vishakha vs State of Rajasthan

87. Al jazeera is a

  • Television channel

88. The founding father of Indian steel industry was

  • Homi j.Bhaba

89. Amaravati river is a tributary of

  • Kaveri

90. The Scheme introduced by the Telangana Government to extend financial support to poor muslim bride is

  • Shadi Mubarak

91. The first elected Chief Minister of Hyderabad State was

  • Burugu Ramakrishna rao

92. Dengue is transmitted by a mosquito called

  • Aedes

93. Fill in the blank with the correct word: Five__________started a Computer services company

  • Women( woman, woomen, women, woman’s)

94. Insert the missing number in -4, 8, -16, 32, -64, ?

  • 128

95. The partition of bengal was annulled in the year

  • 1911

96. Kyoto Protocol is related to

  • Climate change

97. Meezan was a

  • News paper from Hyderabad

98. Name the active women leader of the Telangana praja samiti

  • Sada Laxmi

99. The gas used in the manufacture of vanspati from vegetable oil is

  • Hydrozen

100. Which one of the statement is TRUE

  • India is Not a permanent member of the United Nations

101. “Mixed Economy” Policy was adopted by

  • JawaharLal Nehru

102. Which State Government is the winner of skoch order-of-Merit National award for implementing e-governance and IT initiatives recently

  • Haryana

103. Peninsular India comprises of

  • Arcnaean rocks

104. Niti Ayog replaces

  • Planing Commission

105. Who among the following advocated party-less democracy in india

  • Jayaprakash Narayan

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