Telangana formation: Promises for Seemandhra Concerns

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What provisions are made to address seemandhra concerns on the time of Telangana formation ? Majority of Seemandhra people opposed bifurcation of the state.

So Government of India gave some assurances to solve their problems.  AndhraPradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 made some promises to address seemandhra concerns.

Here, provides you the details with issue wise.

1. Hyderabad

  • Common capital for not exceeding 10 years.
  • Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will be the boundary for the common capital.

2. Special responsibility to Governor


  • Common Governor for the two states for not more than 10 years.
  • Special responsibility with respect to Life, liberty and property of the residents in the Common capital area.
  • The responsibility of the Governor shall extend to matters such as law and order, internal security and security of vital installations, and management and allocation of Government buildings in the common capital area.
  • In the discharge of above functions, the Governor shall, after consulting the Council of Ministers of the Telangana, exercise his individual judgement and his/her decision shall be final.


3. New Capital

  • An expert committee will make recommendation on the location of the new Capital within six months.
  • Central government shall fund the establishment of the necessary infrastructure for Legislature, High court, Secretariat, government buildings etc.
  • If required, degraded forest shall be denotified for the establishment of the new capital.


4. Education

  • The existing admission quotas in the educational institutions shall continue for a period of 10 years.
  • New institutions to be established: One IIT, one NIT, one IIM, one IISER, one Central University, one Petroleum University, one Agricultural University and one IIIT;
  • One AIIMS-type Super-Specialty Hospital-cum-Teaching;
  • Tribal University;
  • National Institute of Disaster Management.

5. River Water Sharing

  • Separate River Boards for management of sharing of river waters from Krishna and Godavari.
  • Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal will be asked to make specific project wise allocation and determine an operational protocol for project-wise release of water in the event of deficit flow.
  • The allocations made by the River Water tribunals with regard to various projects on Godavari and Krishna Rivers or for the regions of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh, in respect of assured water shall remain the same.
  • Allocations, if any, to be made on excess flows by any Tribunal in future shall be binding on both the State of Telangana and the successor State of Andhra Pradesh.
  • No new projects based on water resources arrived at based on appropriate dependability criteria on Godavari or Krishna rivers can be taken up by the State of Telangana or the State Andhra Pradesh without obtaining sanction from the Apex Council on River water resources. All such proposals shall be first appraised and technically cleared by the respective Board, before sanction by the said Apex Council.


6. Polavaram:

  • Central Government shall declare it as National Project.
  • Central government shall execute the project and shall be responsible for all clearances and Rehabilitation & Resettlement.
  • Submergence villages are part of Seemandhra.
  • The consent of successor state of Telangana is deemed to have been given.


7. Revenues

  • The award made by the Thirteenth Finance Commission to the existing State of United Andhra Pradesh shall be apportioned between the successor States by the Central Government on the basis of population ratio and other parameters.
  • The President shall make a reference to the Fourteenth Finance Commission to take into account the resources available to the successor States and make separate awards for each of the successor States.
  • The Central Government may, having regard to the resources available to the successor State of Andhra Pradesh, make appropriate grants and also ensure that adequate benefits and incentives in the form of special development package are given to the backward areas of that State.

8. Promote Industrialisation and economic growth

The Central Government shall take appropriate fiscal measures, including offer of tax incentives to promote industrialisation and economic growth in both the States.

Investments for creation of new infrastructure

  • A new major port at Duggirajupatnam.
  • SAIL shall examine, within six months from the appointed day, the feasibility of establishing an integrated steel plant in YSR District.
  • IOC or HPCL shall within six months from the appointed day, examine the feasibility of establishing a Greenfield crude oil refinery and petrochemical.
  • The Government of India shall, within six months from the appointed day, examine the feasibility of establishing a Vizag-Chennai Industrial corridor along the lines of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and take within such period an expeditious decision thereon;
  • The Government of India shall, within six months from the appointed day, examine the feasibility of expanding the existing Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Tirupati airports to international standards and take an expeditious decision thereon;
  • Indian Railways shall, within six months from the appointed day, examine establishing a new railway zone in the successor State of Andhra Pradesh and take an expeditious decision thereon;
  • The Central Government shall take measures to establish rapid rail and road connectivity from the new capital of the successor State of Andhra Pradesh to Hyderabad
  • The Government of India shall examine the feasibility of Metro Rail facility in  Vishakhapatnam  and  Vijayawada-Guntur-Tenali Metropolitan Urban Development Authority within period of one year from the appointed day and take and expeditious decision thereon.

9. Backward Areas

  • The Central Government shall, while considering the special development package for the successor State of Andhra Pradesh, provide adequate incentives, in particular for Rayalaseema and north coastal regions of that Sate.
  • The Central Government shall support the programmes for the development of backward areas in the successor States, including expansion of physical and social infrastructure.


10. Rayalaseema

The Rayalaseema region will be given a special development package. The following irrigation projects which are under construction shall be completed as per the plan notified by the existing State of Andhra Pradesh and the water sharing arrangement shall continue as such:-


A. Handri Niva B. Telugu Ganga C. Galeru Nagiri D. Venegondu

11. Power:

  • Existing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with respective DISCOMS shall continue for both ongoing projects and projects under construction.
  • Existing coal Linkages of SCCL shall continue without any change.

12. Security: 


  • The Central government shall assist in raising additional police forces.
  • Greyhounds training centre will be under the Central government for three years as a common facility.
  • Central government will assist in establishing a similar state-of-the-art training facility in Seemandhra.
  • Financial assistance will be provided to establish new operational hubs for Greyhounds.

13. Common High Court

  • The existing High Court shall function as a Common High Court till a separate High Court for successor state of Andhra Pradesh is established.

14. Continuation of common facilities

  • Tenth schedule provides for continuation of the facilities in 107 State institutions for some more time till such institutions are established in Andhra Pradesh.

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