Why Jagan Reddy met Ramoji Rao?

jagan ramoji meeting
jagan ramoji rao meeting (file pic)
jagan ramoji meeting
jagan ramoji rao meeting (file pic)

Is jagan changed or Ramoji?

Why Jagan Reddy met Ramoji Rao? The recent meeting between YSRCP’s President Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy and the media Barron Ramoji rao is beyond any political pandit’s imagination. In fact some of the senior journalists initially expressed doubts that this must be a rumor and many of the medias top bosses and politicians too showed enormous interest in knowing about the meeting. But later all doubts dispelled by none other than the YSRCP senior leaders saying that there is nothing wrong in meeting elderly people and seeking suggestions. And I am still skeptic that whether they even know anything about the meeting or the purpose. but there has been no confirmation yet nor any comment on the meeting from The RFC, Ramoji rao’s empire and where the meeting is took place.

After all queries and cross checking people came to the conclusion that the meeting took place, it was a one to one confidential one and it lasted for more than an hour closed doors. Thirupathi Ex MLA Karunakar Reddy who went along with Jaganmohan Reddy was kept waiting outside till the meeting is over. This surprising meeting between two media bosses who have been openly showing the rivalry is the talk of the two telugu states now. people are curious to know that what would have been discussed and is it going to lead any phenomenal changes in current politics. The so called pandits of the telugu politics are busy in formulating the theories behind this.

what’s on the agenda !

For me, showing interest in knowing about who blinked first and who mediated have least priority. but the most important issue that everyone want to know about is what’s the Agenda of the meeting. As this meeting cant be taken as courtesy call.

I see three reasons from Jagan’s point of view, One Jagan as the opposition leader has every obligation to garner all the forces and support to fight his political rival Chandrababu Naidu. Second is a displeased section of the political and economically influential Kamma community with chandrababu’s style and functioning are trying to align with the political opponents in order to give a look that YSRCP is not against the community so he met Ramoji who is seen as the icon of them (the same tactic is followed by KCR earlier). Third is Jagan choose to fight against the ruling party with some specific subjects like special category status, polavaram, and farmer issues he need the support of the major media group’s support which in turn give credibility to Eenadu and Ramoji’s reputation.

Why is the Change in Ramoji ?

Though the Eanadu boss is still in an influential position now he is nearing to the stage of retirement and naturally wishes to set the business in a shock proof state before he hangs his boots up. The worst phase in Ramoji rao’s business life was during YSR reddy’s regime. one senior journalist says that some of the member’s of the Ramoji family felt that it was only because of the senior man’s political inclination that fetch tsunami in the business. And he as the constant observer of political mood of the people is sensing that crucial sections like farmer’s, youth, and laborers are fully dissatisfied with the current government so he is trying to be in good terms with the possible political alternative in the state.

the other reason might be because of his terms with Chandrababu are becoming delicate and the CM of the day is giving priority to Radhakrishna Vemuri to him. This must also have caused Ramoji to change his patronization. By analyzing the situation and the way the meeting took place one can understand that both have mutual interest and for a common cause.

TDP dismayed

The flash news about the meeting was more rapidly spread in TDP cadres than in the media. some leaders tried to cross check it through their sources in the film city. Some worriedly went to the CM’s chamber who was in Delhi tour. But the official spokes persons were just confined to say we are not worried and will watch the developments but their voice lacked confidence. Some leaders informally say that the govt will have to face more uncomfortable days ahead if Eanadu chooses to highlight the failure and shortfalls of the administration. one leader even cited some stories carried in the leading news paper on Sand mafia, Rats and dogs killing children etc. yet they say two poles of the globe can never come close.

Giving a lot of room for speculations the latest development will any way be a game changer in the political stage.